“Hello World” from Molly’s Grass Road

Well – here goes. My inaugural posting on my first ever blog. So Mick, the kids and I have leapt into the unknown with the purchase of Molly’s Grass Road on the Far North Coast, NSW.

Our new, very old house needs a lot of love to be transformed into the beauty we imagine.

I hope this blog recounts the process – no doubt the tears and hopefully some of the triumphs. Our dilapidated 120 year old hardwood mill workers’ cottage sits on a plot of land that is just short of ¾ acre. We have inherited a massive mango tree and lots of citrus trees. I will make an inventory of what food trees we have on the blog in the near future …

image of mango tree

Our mango tree – in the front yard

Perhaps a little cheesy, but I thought this song captures a dream I have had for a long time and now finally realised (except our mango tree is in the front yard!)


10 thoughts on ““Hello World” from Molly’s Grass Road

  1. Manda says:

    Wow Dan, so excited for you. Wishing you all the love and luck in the world for your new adventure. Looking forward to reading next instalment, love the mango tree photo, couldn’t listen to song but probably would have made me cry anyway!! All our love manda and mikey x x x

    • Thank you Manda! This will be a great way to stay connected. We send all our love back to you guys xxxx
      And thanks Peit! hopefully it will be a great way chart the progress. xxxx You’re right … will have to investigate who Molly was?!!

  2. Love it sis! A blog is a fab way to chart a journey. Molly’s Grass Road will be a rich and varied one with some well-earned blood, sweat and tears along the way.
    Love to know the story behind the name too. xx

    • Thankyou Sue… it’s so good to hear from you! This will be a great project….challenging but we both think worth it. The kids are excited too! Love to you and Chirs both. So cool about the Portreath Gig Club xxxx

  3. Andrew Becker says:

    Hi DanaMick. Love the photo of the mill and fantastic name for a home. I look forward to seeing the photo updates as you blog this journey. Love to all for the GC Beckers. XXX

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